A to Z of Fundraising Ideas - The Brigitte Trust

A to Z of Fundraising Ideas


Afternoon tea – get together with your family or friends for afternoon tea and invite your guests to make a donation.

Auction – organise a charity auction where people can bid on items or offer their skills and services for auction.

Art exhibition – showcase local artists and raise money by charging an admission fee.


Bake-off – inspire everyone’s creativity by selecting a theme for your bake-off, such as ‘Chocolate,’ ‘Yellow,’ or ‘Italian.’ Offer sampling tickets to your guests, allowing them to taste and vote for their favourite desserts!

BBQ – throw a charity BBQ with your neighbours or friends.  Invite everyone to bring a dish to go with the burgers and hot dogs, and donate the money they would have spent.

Bingo night – charge an entry fee and donate half the winnings.

Birthday fundraiser – set up a birthday fundraiser and ask for donations instead of presents this year.


Cake sale – host a cake sale and sell homemade treats to raise funds. Get your family and friends baking too and raise even more!

Car wash – organise a charity Car Wash and offer to wash cars for donations.

Cocktail night – show off your mixology skills by organising a cocktail evening for friends and family.

Coffee morning – reconnect with friends over cakes and coffee. Bake an extra cake and raffle it off!


Declutter – reduce your clutter by selling things you no longer need and donating what you make. You can sell online on platforms like eBay, Thrift, and Vinted or at Carboot sales.

Dinner Party – host a themed charity dinner party and invite your friends to donate the cost of a meal.

Dog show – let those pups strut their stuff to see who is voted the winner. Boost the excitement by having different categories for the dog show such as best costume, smartest trick, or owner-dog look-alike.


eBay – sell any unwanted items you have lying around on eBay and turn your clutter into donations.

Endurance challenge – try 1000 push-ups or the 30-day plank challenge and get sponsored to reach your fitness goals.

Employer match funding – companies of all sizes support employees by matching their contributions. Don’t be shy about asking!


Fancy Dress – a fancy dress day can be a super fun way to build team spirit, whether you’re at school or work. Encourage everyone to come in their wackiest outfits in exchange for a donation.

Film night – host a charity film night, you can even get creative with themes. From Halloween classics to period dramas – make the night even more special by providing snacks and decorations themed to the movie.


Games night – unleash your inner gaming beast! Gather your friends for an epic board or video game night. By giving penalty fines for being late or talking about work, you can boost fundraising even more!

Gift aid – we can claim an additional 25% on any donations you make to The Brigitte Trust at no additional cost to you. Complete an updated Gift Aid declaration form.

Give it up – get sponsored for giving up something you love. Alternatively, whether it’s chocolate, coffee, or alcohol, donate what you would have spent.

Golf tournament – whether a novice or a pro, get outside and enjoy a friendly day of competition. You can hold the competition at a local club. You can also raise money with an after-dinner event that includes an auction or raffle.


Head shave – are you brave enough to shave your hair off? Set up a fundraising page to get sponsored and don’t forget to take a before and after photo to show off the transformation!


International night – invite everyone to bring something from a specific cuisine and watch a movie together.


Jewellery recycle – ask your friends and relatives to donate unwanted jewellery. Host an auction or jewellery party. Clean and re-package the jewellery to increase its resale value.


Karoke – host a karaoke night and charge an entry fee or ask for donations for song requests. There will be plenty of laughs as well as the opportunity for friends and family to showcase their singing skills! 


Lottery – be in with a chance to win £25000 in the Brigitte Trust weekly lottery!


Marathon – whether you’re keen to try a 10k or go for a full marathon, sign up for an organised event – there are plenty to choose from. Set yourself up for success by giving yourself ample time to train and prepare for the event. Maybe, find a running partner to keep you motivated.

Music – organise a mini music festival, gig or open mic night. Alternatively, if you play an instrument yourself, you could give free lessons for a donation.


New Year’s resolutions – get sponsored to give something up or take on a new challenge.


Obstacle race – find your local muddy challenge, like Tough Mudder, and get sponsored to take part. Get your friends involved too and make it a fun day out!

Open garden – host an open garden for charity to share your passion for gardening. To boost fundraising, provide refreshments and plants for sale.


Pedal for a cause – take part in a cycling event or organise your own. Use our online fundraising platform to get sponsors.

Penny jar – fill a jar with your loose change or keep one in your office and encourage your colleagues to join in and donate their spare change. Every little bit helps!

Plant sale – connect with fellow garden enthusiasts in your local community. Best hosted in late spring or early summer. Plan well ahead and allow everyone plenty of time to sow extra seeds, take cuttings, and pot up to ensure there are enough plants for sale.


Quiz night – organise a quiz night and charge an entry fee. Boost your fundraising efforts by hosting a raffle at the same time. Ask local businesses for prizes and find great quiz questions online. To get people to attend your event, use social media to spread the word.


Ramble – plan a route and ask others to donate to join you or ask friends, family and colleagues for sponsorship.

Recipe book – collect favourite recipes from friends, family or your local community to create a fundraising recipe book to sell.


Shop online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could be raising free donations for The Brigitte Trust with your everyday shopping, at no extra cost to you. Find out more.

Sweepstake – choose a big sporting event like Wimbledon, the Grand National or a popular TV show such as Strictly. Charge people to enter and the winners get either a prize or a small percentage of the money raised.


Talent show – host a talent show and invite your friends and family to showcase their skills. Organise a collection or charge at the door for entry.

Treasure hunt – choose a suitable location for your treasure hunt for kids. Hide little treasures along the way and first team back win the main treasure. Ask for a donation for each child or team.


Upcycle – gather pieces of old and unloved furniture and transform them into something extraordinary to sell on. Raise money by donating a portion of the profits.

Used book sale – collect donated books and organise a used book sale.


Virtual Challenge – set your own personal challenge, whether it’s cycling 10K, running a marathon or walking 10K steps a day on a treadmill or a cycle machine at home or at the gym.


Walkies – offer to walk your friend and neighbours dog in return for a donation.

Wedding gifts – instead of giving presents why not ask your guests to donate money to a cause you care about.

Wine tasting – choose a theme such as Spain, Italy or Germany and pair the wines with cheeses from your chosen country. Make the evening more enjoyable by providing information about each wine and cheese, such as its region of origin, flavour notes, and food pairings. You could even involve your guests in a blind-tasting challenge to add an extra level of excitement to the evening.


X-box tournament – set up a gaming tournament, ask for an entry fee from participants – and split the prize winnings with us!

Xmas cards – donate the money you usually spend on Christmas cards and stamps. Complete a Gift Aid Declaration at the same time and increase your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you!


Yoga marathon – organise a yoga marathon with participants collecting pledges for each hour they complete.

Year-long challenge – challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps every day or to give up chocolate for a year!


Zero waste –  can you go a whole week or month without producing any waste? Challenge yourself and those around you to reduce their waste and contribute to a worthy cause. See how much waste you can prevent from entering landfill and how much money you can raise! Set up an online fundraising page and document your journey and highlight your successes along the way.

ZZZ – raffle or auction off a duvet day at work.