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    I apply to be a member of the Brigitte Trust on the basis set out below and in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Trust (available on request). I understand that my membership will cease when I cease to be a volunteer of the Trust.

    In recognition of volunteers’ key role in supporting Brigitte Trust invites all volunteers to become members of the Trust, and in recognition of the key role that volunteers perform the trustees have decided to waive the normal membership fee. This gives volunteers an additional say in the running of the Trust, and the trustees encourage all volunteers to sign up to be members.

    Members perform a key role in the Trust, providing scrutiny and an additional layer of governance and oversight. Members also have several important duties and responsibilities, including:

    • Attending the AGM

    • Voting on any resolutions at General Meetings of the Trust

    • Asking questions of the Trustees about the running of the trust at the AGM

    • Appoint the Trustees

    • Agreeing any key changes to the constitution or objectives of the trust

    • In the event that the trust has to be wound up the members would be liable up to a maximum of £10 to meet any liabilities that the trust may have