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Join our team of over 150 volunteers across Surrey who give their time and help make a difference to people with a life limiting illness.

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Brigitte Trust volunteers are the heart of the organisation. They are carefully recruited from a wide range of backgrounds, extensively trained, DBS checked, and are committed to go the extra mile for their clients. The Brigitte Trust would not be able to help people, with life limiting conditions, live as well as possible, without its committed volunteers.

An individual volunteer is usually allocated to one client and is able to build a meaningful relationship with that person.

Having a dedicated Service Co-ordinator (SCO) and team of trained volunteers enables the Brigitte Trust to respond quickly to referrals and requests. The SCO receives referrals and responds within 48 hours, assesses the prospective client and then places the client with a volunteer, usually within two weeks.

Group Training

The Brigitte Trust provides ongoing support and training for all volunteers. Regular telephone support from the SCO, regular volunteer support groups facilitated by the Volunteer Manager & Trainer, pertinent ongoing training and relevant ad hoc workshops.

Taster Sessions & Training Dates

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